Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start receiving my monthly rebates?

It’s easy. Simply redeem your rebate online. If you do this before your DIRECTV installation, you’ll start receiving your rebate credits beginning with your first bill. If you submit your rebate after installation, your monthly credits will begin 6-8 weeks after we receive your online redemption.

You can also redeem your rebate by calling the DIRECTV Rebate Center at (877)286-4808.
Note: Instructions on how to submit your rebates are also included in your first month’s bill.

How do I submit a rebate?
Follow these steps to submit your rebate online:

Click View My Rebates
Sign in to your account.
If you don’t have a online account, it takes just a few seconds to create one.
Submit your rebate information

You can check the status of your rebate anytime. Just go to and click View My Rebates. Remember, you must submit your rebate within 90 days of activating your DIRECTV account to be eligible. If you’re unable to submit your rebate online, please call us at 1-877-455-7095.

How can I find out my account balance?

To find out your account balance, follow these steps:
Sign in to your account at:
You will see your current balance and payment due date on the Account Overview page.
You will also see the amount and date of the last payment you made.

You can also call 1-800-531-5000 and follow the prompts on the automated system to get your balance.

Why do blackouts exist?

Blackout restrictions are designed to protect the television rights holders in the competing teams’ respective home markets. DIRECTV does not arbitrarily institute blackouts, but simply follows the restrictions set forth by the leagues or their rights holders, such as ESPN and TNT.

Why is my screen black, snowy or blue?

This issue is usually caused by having the tv set to the wrong input. You can check this by pressing the “input”, “source”, or “tv/video” button on your television directly. The most common input setting that is used for a satellite system is HDMI1 or HDMI2 for High Definition televisions, or Video1 or Video2 for Standard Definition televisions.

You will also want to make sure the satellite receiver (set-top box) is on and check all the cables coming to and from the tv and satellite set-top box to make sure all connections are hand-tight.

If you are still getting this issue, please contact DIRECTV technical support at: 1-800-347-3288

How do I order DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies, Pay Per View events and Adult programs?
We make it easy to order DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies, Pay Per View events and Adult programming. Just choose one of these options and let the show begin:

1) Online – when you order online you can watch your movie or event in any room, on any receiver.

Browse and order DIRECTV CINEMA™ Movies.
Browse and order Pay Per View Events.
Browse and order Adult Programs.

2) With your remote control – just make sure that your receiver is connected to a land-based phone line or high-speed Internet.

Click here to learn about the benefits of connecting your HDDVR receiver to the Internet.

Can I watch one Pay Per View event program on more than one TV?
Yes, you can watch one Pay Per View event program on multiple TVs on the same account if you order online at or if you order by telephone at 1-800-531-5000 (phone order fees apply).

Please note: In order to view a Pay Per View title in HD on multiple TVs, each TV must be connected to an HD receiver.
Learn more about how to get DIRECTV HD.

How can I block DIRECTV CINEMA™ and 
Pay Per View Purchases?

To prevent DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies or Pay Per View events from being charged to your account without your authorization, we recommend using the Parental Controls feature built into your DIRECTV Receiver, or setting a password on your account.

Parental Controls let you restrict viewing or remote control purchasing based on rating (using a system similar to the motion picture rating system), price and specific channels. Visit HYPERLINK or see your owner’s manual at for more information.

I’m moving and want to continue my DIRECTV service 
at my new home. What do I do?

Taking your DIRECTV service with you is easy. Just pack your receivers and remotes to your new home. DIRECTV will install a new dish and hook up your receivers, TVs, DVD players, etc. for FREE! As soon as you know your new address and move-in date, call 1-888-DTV-MOVE. To learn more about DIRECTV’s Movers Connection™ Program, click here.

I’m moving into an apartment or condo. 
Can I still get DIRECTV?

In many cases, yes. Some apartment or condo buildings are pre-wired for DIRECTV. Please check with the landlord or property manager of your new building. If the building is pre-wired, simply call 1-888-DTV-MOVE for instructions and to arrange installation at your new address.

If your new building is not pre-wired for DIRECTV, we ask that you obtain written or verbal permission to install DIRECTV from the landlord or property manager of the apartment building you’re moving into (or, alternatively, review your lease/rental agreement/HOA CC&Rs to confirm that permission is not required). To help you in your request, please use our Installation Permission

Remote Control Programming
Follow these simple steps:

Press MENU on your DIRECTV remote.
Select “Parental, Favs and Setup”
Select “System Setup”
Select “Remote”
Select “Program Remote”
Follow onscreen instructions to program remote to TV, DVD or other device while aiming remote that device.

To program the DIRECTV remote to your TV:

Look up the control codes for your DIRECTV remote control.
Make sure your TV is turned on.

Slide the mode switch at top of remote to “TV”.
Press and hold the MUTE button. This is located above the number 1 button.

While still holding down MUTE, press and hold the SELECT button until the green light at the top of the remote flashes twice.
Enter the first TV code you have. The green light on remote should flash twice.

Aim remote at TV and press PWR button once. The TV should power off.
Once the TV is able to power off/on and control the volume, slide the mode switch at the top of the remote back to the left (DIRECTV). Your remote is now programmed.

If the TV does not power off, repeat steps 4, 5, 6 and 7, using the next code for your TV brand. If remote control fails to program using all available codes, try scanning for the code.

To scan for TV codes on your DIRECTV remote:

Make sure your TV is turned on.
Slide the mode switch at top of remote to “TV”.
Press and hold the MUTE button. This is located above the number 1 button.
While still holding down MUTE, press and hold the SELECT button until green light at the top of the remote flashes twice.
Then enter 9911, the green light on remote should flash twice.
Point remote at TV and press CHANNEL UP button. Tap the CHANNEL UP button repeatedly until the TV powers off.
When the TV powers off, press and release the SELECT button.
Note: If the green light flashes three times before TV responds, then all codes have been cycled through. Our remote controls are guaranteed to program to your DIRECTV receiver, however your TV may not be compatible with our remote control.

You can find more help in the Remote Controls section of our Technical Forums. You can also use our Interactive User Guide to learn the ins and outs of your remote control.

How do I upgrade my DIRECTV equipment?

It’s easy. To upgrade your DIRECTV equipment:
Sign in to your account at:
Click on the My Equipment tab on the “Account Overview” page.
Select the button ‘Add to Cart’ next to the selected receiver.
Follow the instructions to complete your order.
You can also order by phone by calling 1–888–355–7530.

Can I activate a used receiver?

DIRECTV allows the activation of used receivers under the following conditions:
The used receiver cannot be active on another DIRECTV account
The used receiver must be a previously owned unit, if the receiver was previously leased on an account it cannot be activated and must be returned to DIRECTV
The receiver must have a Receiver ID Number, older models without an Receiver ID Number cannot be reactivated because they do not support DIRECTV’s current technology
If you meet this criteria, call us at 1-800-DIRECTV to order a new access card. We’ll send you a new access card and a postage-paid envelope to return the old card. Please note that a $20 fee will be apply for the new card.

Once you receive the new access card and install the receiver call us at 1-800-531-5000 to activate. Make sure to mention that you have pre-owned equipment and want to activate programming.

A channel I’m subscribed to is missing. What should I do?

Many basic reception problems, such as missing channels and broken feeds, can be fixed by re-sending the programming information to your receiver. This is called a “receiver refresh.” To request a receiver refresh please visit:, or call DIRECTV customer support at 1-800-347-3288. You can even select several receivers at once.

What is GSN Game Lounge Central?

GSN Game Lounge Central is the community website for DIRECTV’s GSN Game Lounge service. Please visit: to create a GSN Game Lounge account and sign in.

How do I play games on GSN Game Lounge?

Tune in to DIRECTV GAME Channel “110” with your remote
Press the YELLOW button to sign in to your personal gaming account.
Use the arrows (UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT) to navigate, then press the “SELECT” button to choose an option.
Press EXIT button to exit GSN Game Lounge.

NOTE: You must have a Standard receiver (model D10-100 and above), HD receiver (model H20 or above), Plus DVR (model R15 or higher) or Plus HD DVR (model HR20 and higher) to play GSN Game Lounge games.


To ensure that customers who subscribed to SuperFan in 2009 did not lose any of the features they enjoyed last season, we added NFL To-Go in Place of SuperFan. NFL-To Go offers all of the mobile and online features that were available last season at a lower price than SuperFan.

This allows you to see every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game on your smartphone – we have dedicated apps for iPhone, select Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, and the Palm Pre – as well as on your laptop or desktop computer. Now, you don’t have to miss a game even when you’re nowhere near a TV.

To order NFL-To Go call 1–888–355–7530.

What are all of the HD channels that DIRECTV offers?

See our full HD channel list, including national channels, local channels, regional sports networks and DIRECTV CINEMA™ channels.

Only DIRECTV HD takes your TV experience to a whole new level with the most sports in HD and the largest library of movies in 1080p HD, the same stunning quality as Blu-ray™. In addition, DIRECTV has recently launched a suite of cutting-edge 3D channels, which include n3D™ powered by Panasonic, ESPN 3D, a 3D DIRECTV CINEMA™ channel, and a channel that lets you watch 3D content instantly.

What channels will offer the HD 3D programming?

Channel 103  n3D™  Powered by Panasonic
Channel 104  DIRECTV CINEMA™ in 3D (Pay Per View)
Channel 105  3D content to watch instantly1
Channel 106  ESPN 3D
1Watching instantly requires DIRECTV Plus HD DVR and broadband internet service with speeds of750kbps or higher, DVR service and a network router with an available Ethernet port.

What will the 3D content look like on a non-3D television (with or without 3D glasses)?

Our receivers will detect whether the TV can support 3D or not and only make the 3D channel available if the TV supports it.  If your HD receiver is not connected to a supported 3D television, there will be no video and you will see an on-screen message that says, “This program cannot be viewed because this TV is not 3D capable.”

Looking for more information?
For more DIRECTV information, click here.


Learn more about the “You Might Like” feature

With the You Might Like feature from DIRECTV, you can get recommendations based on the shows you already love. For example, if you like Grey’s Anatomy, then you might like House. Check out the You Might Like feature today and discover new favorite shows, compliments of DIRECTV.

You can find the You Might Like feature in various ways:

While watching a favorite show, press INFO on your remote. Select “More Info,” then go to “You Might Like.”
Press the GUIDE button on your remote, pick a show and press INFO. Now select “You Might Like.”
Press the MENU button on your remote and select “Smart Search.” Use the letterpad or “Suggested Searches,” then select a title from your results list and then go to “You Might Like.”
Check out the You Might Like feature today and discover new favorite shows — compliments of DIRECTV*.

NOTE: This feature is only compatible with HD DVR Receivers HR20 and above, and DVR Receiver R22.

Parental Controls

DIRECTV makes it easy for you to limit or block any programming you consider to be inappropriate for your children. Our powerful Parental Controls feature, available with every DIRECTV receiver, lets you restrict unsupervised TV viewing, block specific channels, limit viewing times and set spending limits for DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies or live Pay Per View events.
Just follow these quick steps to set up Parental Controls:
Press MENU on your remote control
If you want to watch a restricted channel or program, just enter your PIN when requested.

Need More Help?

Tune in to DIRECTV Customer Information Channel “1” with your remote
Consult your system manual for details
Not sure about a movie or a show? Learn how to use The Guide to find out ratings and detailed info about its content.


Know the score. If you’re a sports fan, you’ve experienced this: You’re watching one game and can’t take your eyes off of it, but you’re dying to know what the score is in that other big game. DIRECTV’s ScoreGuide is for you.

Whenever you’re watching a game on any national network that cover sports primarily (like ESPN), the 700 channels used for sports subscriptions (for example, NFL SUNDAY TICKET™, MLB EXTRA INNINGS™, NBA LEAGUE PASS™, etc.) or a Regional Sports Networks, just press the RED button on your remote and ScoreGuide pops up on your screen. You’ll see scores for major sporting events, a list of the DIRECTV channels carrying those events, and the ability to tune directly to those channels.
ScoreGuide is available 24/7, whenever you need to know the score.


Sports blackouts, a long time source of frustration and confusion for sports fans, occur when a sporting event is not televised in a certain area. But thanks to DIRECTV’s cutting-edge technology, whenever you tune in to a channel with a blacked-out game, GameSearch™ recognizes the blackout and immediately looks to see if the game is on another channel. If a broadcast of the game is found, GameSearch displays an on-screen message that gives you the option to tune in to that channel. If it can’t find one, an on-screen message will let you know the game is not available.

What’s more, if you have a game scheduled to be recorded on a DVR, GameSearch™ will look for the game on an available channel and automatically record it.

GameSearch™ is available free of charge to DIRECTV customers who have the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver (models HR20 and HR21) or the DIRECTV Plus® DVR model R22. Later this year the service will be rolled out to basic DVRs (models R15 and R16) and next year to the HD (models H20 and H21) receivers.

DIRECTV iPhone Application

Never miss an episode of your favorite shows. DIRECTV’s free iPhone application turns your iPhone or iPod touch into the easiest, fastest, most convenient way to find any program and set your home DVR — no matter where you are. An entire universe of DIRECTV entertainment is now just a tap away. Download and start exploring today!
It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s yours FREE from DIRECTV.


Search for any television show up to 14 days in advance
Browse programs by channel or date & time
Get program information instantly, including description, length and rating
Record a single episode or an entire series
Program Pay Per View movies to be recorded and ready to watch anytime
Record to any DIRECTV DVR in your home


iPhone software v2.2.1 or higher
Browsing capability is available to everyone, but programming functionality is available to DIRECTV customers only
DIRECTV customers must have a residential home account registered on to access recording functionality
Requires a Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G network connection to run. Remote connections may vary
In rare instances, scheduled recording(s) may not be recognized
Requires DIRECTV Plus® DVR (models R15, R16, R22), DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR (models HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24) or TiVo® Series 2 receivers with 6.4a software

The iPhone application is available for download only on the iPhone App Store.
Don’t have DIRECTV?  CALL TODAY TO ORDER: 1-877-846-8208

DVR Scheduler

Never miss your favorite shows again. Set your home DVR with any cell phone or computer. With DIRECTV, you don’t even have to be at home to set your DVR. You can do that from any PC or mobile phone. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

REGISTER – If you haven’t already, go to to create your DIRECTV account online.
CONNECTDownload the FREE DIRECTV DVR Scheduler app for your mobile device. You can also sign in to from your computer or go to on your mobile phone.
RECORD – Search for your show, select to record it, and you’re done. Your shows will be ready when you are!

DVR Scheduler works with the DIRECTV Plus® DVR receivers (R15, R16, R22), DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR Receivers (HR20 and above), and TiVo Series 2 receivers with 6.4a software. To send a record request from, you will need a personal computer, Internet browser, an Internet connection, and a username and password. To send a record request on your cell phone, you will need a mobile phone, an Internet browser, a mobile phone data plan without restrictions on addresses you can visit, and a username and password.

Increase Recording Capacity on Your DVR or HD DVR

Want to record even more hours of your favorite shows, movies and sports? You can increase the recording capacity of your DVR or HD DVR simply by connecting an external hard drive with greater storage than the receiver’s internal hard drive.
First, make sure you have a compatible receiver. Check the model number inside the small door located on bottom right corner of the front of the receiver. The model number should read either R22 (DIRECTV Plus® DVR) or HR20 or above (DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR).

You’ll need an external hard drive that uses an eSATA connection. The following hard drive models are recommended:

Western Digital 500GB (model WDG1S5000)
Western Digital 1TB (model WDG1S10000)
Seagate 1TB (model ST31000SCA109-RK)
Seagate 500GB (model ST30500SCA109-RK)

Follow these steps to connect the external hard drive:

Turn off your receiver by unplugging the power cord. (Do not rely on the power button.)
Look for the port on the back of your receiver labeled SATA.
Connect the eSATA hard drive with an eSATA cable. Make sure the cable is firmly connected on both ends.
Turn on the eSATA hard drive and give it several seconds to spin up to speed.
Plug in the power chord of your receiver.

When your receiver reboots, it will automatically see the newly-connected hard drive. The hard drive inside your receiver will be disabled.

You now have expanded recording capacity. With a 1TB hard drive, you can record up to 200 hours of HD programming.

Because the content on the external drive is paired with the HD DVR receiver it’s connected to, you will have to reformat the external drive if you want to connect it to a different HD DVR receiver. Reformatting means you will lose the recordings you made with the original HD DVR receiver.

Please note: We offer this tip because we want to help you get the most out of your DIRECTV experience. It is recommended for advanced users who are comfortable working with electronic hardware. This modification of your DIRECTV system is not officially supported by DIRECTV. DIRECTV, Inc. expressly denies any liability relating to any and all injuries and damages of any and every kind from the use of above equipment. User is responsible for the loss of or damage to the above equipment and assumes the costs and expenses of all necessary servicing and repairs. DIRECTV expressly denies any guarantee or warranty, either express or implied regarding the quality and performance of the above equipment.

You can also double your recording capacity by adding a second HD DVR to your Whole-Home DVR setup.

Check out DIRECTV’s Customer Information Channel

Now you can learn about your interactive DIRECTV system by watching easy-to-follow instructional videos on DIRECTV’s new Customer Information Channel. Tune to Channel 1 and use the arrow buttons on your remote to select the topic you’re interested in.

Learn about features of your DIRECTV System like:

How to use the Guide
Remote Control essentials
Programming your DVR
Plus, basic trouble-shooting!

Also, check out these popular tutorial videos online:

Remote Essentials: Basics
Your HD Experience